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Safety First

Use your hands to drink, not dispense.

Your new water service.

Reborn into meta-water.

We use industry leading filtration technology to purify your water. Then we use crazy things like infared rays, coral, and mineral balls to transform it into meta-water.

Full service with a flat price.

Why do we have more than double the 5 star Google reviews of all our competitors combined? Because our service covers everything at a flat price that could save you money. It’s like paying for the cheap parking lot and getting valet service free.

The best hardware in the biz.

Coolers that look like belong in an Apple store. Integrated ice makers that make the most crunchable ice you’ve ever…crunched. Sparkling water that is both smooth and crisp, and coffee makers you never have to fill. Mic drop.

A constant supply of safe & delicious water in the comfort of your own space.


No more jug lugging, case carrying, or bottles berift of their owners laying all over the place. 

Coffee on us

Get one year of free meta-coffee service on us. Includes ConstantFlow system so you’ll never have to refill the reservoir again.

Pro Installed Free

Sign up now, and we’ll waive your installation fee (average value of of $425).

Reason #1: Saving Money

Monthly Usage 5 Jugs 8 Jugs 11 Jugs 15 Jugs 20 Jugs 25 Jugs
Nestle $50 - $65 $80 - $104 $110 - $143 $150 - $195 $200 - $260 $250 - $325
Poland Spring $55 - $70 $88 - $112 $121 - $154 $165 - $210 $220 - $280 $275 - $350
H2O $58 $72 $89 $129 $149 $199
Potential Savings up to $144/yr up to $480/yr up to $780/yr up to $972/yr up to $1,572/yr up to $1,812/yr
Waived Installation Fee (avg. $435 value)
No More Bottles or Jugs (save time and co-pays for chiropractor appointments)
  Enhanced,    Enriched,   pH Balanced, and    Fortified Meta-Water
Meta-Coffee   Delicious Meta-Coffee with Auto-filling Reservoir (1 year free) Free Forever
Bullet-style Ice Chewblet Ice

BOTTLE-FREE & More than just water coolers

It’s time for your old water cooler to take it’s rightful place next to the well and hand pump. Our systems use the latest technology, and visually reflect the success of the companies that use them.

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Safety first. amazing taste. meta-water.

Our priority is always safety first, which is why we use advanced membrane technologies and natural fortifying minerals to protect your water. But, that’s only the beginning.

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How can we help?

Google says we're The Best In water

Our Google reviews don’t just say we’re the best. With more than double the 5 star reviews of ALL of our competitors combined, we are the overwhelming favorite of companies across the entire tri-state area.

elevate your taste

we make room for delicious.

Our pure water technology focuses on more than just removing contaminants. We optimize your water’s pH/alkaline and mineral levels, and it’s ability to ability to pair with other elements, like your coffees, teas, and fruit infusions. 


Your support system

If you’ve read our reviews, you already know what we deliver. Friendly local people who answer your phone call and care. Professional and competent technicians who show up promptly. And finally, no surcharges.


If you’re like most people, you already know the benefits of alkaline water. Below are three other ways we upgrade your water.

Hydration Potential

When water molecules have their electrons stolen, they clump and cannot hydrate you. We us FIR emitters to fix that.

Fortifies You + Water

Silver and Zeolites are natural and very effective ways to help protect both you and your water from many bacteria and viruses. 

Nutrient Enrichment

It makes your water work like vitamins, but more efficiently delivered. We add minerals, antioxidants, electrolytes.

  • Calcium 50% 50%
  • Potassium 65% 65%
  • Magnesium 40% 40%
  • Sodium 70% 70%
  • Zinc 20% 20%
  • Iron 15% 15%