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Whether it’s at home or in our workplaces, many of us rely on our water coolers to provide us with filtered water that we can trust. However, what we too often forget is that these machines sometimes need cleanings of their own to stay effective. So, while it might seem overwhelming or tedious to think about, make sure you learn the importance of sanitizing water coolers and the benefits of doing so.

Cleaner Water

For starters, keeping your water cooler clean is one of the surest ways to prevent bacteria buildup in the system. If left alone, bacteria can leech into your drinking water after the filtration process—making it less viable to consume. In order to maintain the quality water you’re used to, occasional sanitations, cleanings, and filter replacements are essential. In fact, it’s recommended that you perform these maintenance tasks at least once every six months for the best results.

Longer Running Unit

In addition to contaminated water, letting your cooler build up bacteria can also eventually cause damage to the unit. This is especially true if you neglect to change the filters. As the population of bacteria grows, it can form other organisms—such as mold—that can inhabit everything from the pump to the filters themselves. As such, regular cleanings are crucial to remove this colony and keep the cooler running for years to come.

Fewer Repair Costs

If your water cooler is lasting longer, you won’t need to invest as often in having it repaired. This helps keep your hard-earned money in your pocket. In addition, fewer repairs could also make you eligible for an upgrade with your water cooler rental company. Reliable care of the equipment shows that you’re trustworthy enough to be offered special deals for future purchases.

For your water to be the highest quality possible, we at H2O Coolers dedicate ourselves to building some of the most efficient filtration systems on the market. Not only do our bottleless water coolers in New York City keep your water clean, but they’re also designed to make cleaning less intensive and time-consuming. In addition to this, we also include cooler service with your rental to ensure that your device is always taken care of.