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Water news and information is full of confusion, contradictions, and sometimes altogether false information. It isn’t that most companies are trying to lie, they simply don’t put in the work to research and validate their information.

Imagine how much worse the news would be if there was only a tenth of the primary sources. That’s how it is with water. The lack of regulatory information has resulted in an echo chamber of misinformation. We’re here to quiet some of the noise and to promote what we know to be fact. 

As the editors of this blog, this is our promise:

  1. We will do our utmost to validate our sources.
  2. If we don’t know, we will admit it.
  3. We will not post any recomendations that we (and our families) are not willing to live by.

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    How Dehydration Affects the Human Body

    Many of us think we know all there is to know about dehydration. However, not only is it more common than most of us tend to think, but it’s also more dangerous than we generally want to admit. While most of the population suffers from dehydration at some point,...

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    Different Types of Water Sources

    Accessing the water you need might be as simple as turning on the faucet, but this isn’t ultimately where your water comes from. In fact, the Earth’s water supply comes from a series of different places—some you might expect, and others you might not. To fully...

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    Tips for Designing Your Small Office Space

    A cramped office space can be one of the main problems a small or startup business faces early on. Their goal is to acquire more employees, clients, and resources, but they often lack the means to do so. As such, it’s crucial that every small business finds ways to...

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    Advantages of Drinking Cold Water

    Getting enough water in our diets can be more complex than simply drinking whatever we have access to. We also need to consider factors such as the temperature of what we’re drinking. While water is good for our bodies regardless of its temperature, it’s important to...

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