Is your relationship with water suffering from a low standard?

As humans, we often take for granted what we rely on most: our health, the air we breathe, the water we drink, even our significant others. Unless they are directly threatened, the most important relationships in our lives are often pushed to the back burner while we address “more pressing” concerns. What we drink is no exception.

Do you ever think twice about what’s in your water? Have you been drinking from the same tap or bottled water companies for years without questioning your water’s quality? Chances are you’ve been neglecting your water supply for quite some time. Like any stale relationship, while it may not be directly harming you, it probably isn’t doing much for your health, either.

What your water could be doing for you.

While almost all relationships have the potential to be a lifelong romance, they are easily crippled when held to low standards. Our relationship with water suffers in the same exact way. There are over 20 different types of minerals, electrolytes, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can safely enhance our water without affecting its taste. We often miss out on them simply because we don’t have any expectations for our water.

Because we have low expectations, we fail to take advantage of water’s incredible potential. Your water is good for more than just quenching thirst and fighting off hangovers – it is the body’s most efficient system for delivering nutrients (without involving needles, of course).


The Heart Helper

Zeo-Z1 is comprised of natural zeolite and calcinated calcium. It acts as a highly effective germicidal for the removal of bacteria in water, and additionally provides high-grade calcium necessary for good bone and heart health.


The Detox Agent

Mostly found in sea salt deposits, this mineral provides an immune-detox by absorbing toxins and removing them from the body. Zeolite's unique ion exchange capacity allows it to provide high levels of immune support, and it has even been used to assist chemotherapy patients in re-establishing their immune systems. In combination with silver ions, Zeolite as a health treatment is FDA approved and highly effective.


The Alkaline Booster

Coral Sand is made up of two bone strengthening minerals: calcium and magnesium. Found in mineral deposits from ocean reefs, coral sand has long been attributed to the healthy nature of water by boosting its alkalinity. Drinking slightly alkaline water counteracts the blood's tendency towards acidity and positively affects blood sugar, blood pressure and blood circulation, promoting healing and regeneration.


The Ultimate Regenerator

Hematite is an iron oxide mineral that has been used to treat blood disorders for centuries. Its high iron content allows it to regenerate the body's cells to promote faster healing and recovery, and it is also known to strengthen the immune system and provide a boost of energy.


The Miracle Stone

By generating negative ions in water, Tourmaline creates a far infra-red capacity that helps “uncluster” water molecules and increases the absorption properties of water. This helps regulate the ion balance in your body, assisting in physical and mental relaxation, cell activation, and speedier rates of recovery. In today’s environment, it is common for our positive ion supplies to build, making negative ions essential to relieving the tension in our bodies.


The Great Sterilizer

Silver ions are one of the most potent antimicrobials in existence. In conjunction with zeolite, silver ions control over 450 forms of viruses and has been used to sterilize water for thousands of years.


The Structure Saver

The second most abundant of Earth’s minerals, Quartz has been used for centuries to restructure water by providing it with an electrical (FIR) charge. This structured water is crucial in hydrating cells and keeping them healthy. Quartz is also known to increase water alkalinity, boost metabolisms, strengthen the immune system, and decrease one's chances of getting dementia.


The Bone Builder

Hydroxyapatite is a bone-building supplement that is known to reduce bone loss and assist in the healing process. Its superior absorption capabilities and tendency to work alongside calcium make it a crucial part of the vertebrate bone structure.

Bone density and back aches.

It’s easy to visualize the countless back injuries that occur from lifting those ridiculous 5 gallon jugs and cases of bottled water. Perhaps even more relatable are the cramps and muscle aches that result from dehydration. However, there are some less visible issues that can arise from poor-quality drinking water and affect your health and functioning.

Contrary to how the term might sound when thrown around by fancy artisanal water companies, your water’s pH level is not simply an aesthetic concern. Low pH levels can leach calcium from your bones, and blood tends to be acidic as it is because of all the unhealthy food we ingest these days. That is why it’s more important than ever to make sure your water has a balanced pH level, keeping the blood at optimally alkaline levels and promoting bone density. 

What you can do.

Start by finding out how your tap water is treated and if it contains any added substances. Ask your water provider if they enhance your water with minerals, electrolytes, and other nutrients; these enhanced mineral waters are available from certain bottling companies, and can also be achieved with certain mineral ball filters. 

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