Water dispensers are becoming a common investment for offices across the nation. Not only do these devices allow employees to access water at a moment’s notice, they also ensure that the water is the right temperature for a variety of drinks. In the long run, this makes the workplace healthier and maintains the morale of the employees who help run it. But there are a lot of factors to address when looking to purchase one of these tools. Learn a few key considerations when buying a water dispenser and ensure you’re getting the best product for your needs.

What Your Needs Are

Before choosing the proper water dispenser to cater to the needs of your office, understand what needs you should meet. Each workplace employs different people with different routines and daily patterns for water consumption. As such, you’ll need to survey them to find out what their drink preferences are and whether the space would benefit from a smaller dispenser or a larger one.

How Much Space Is Available

Once you determine the needs for the office, you then must decide whether it’s realistic to meet them. Depending on how much available space you have, you may need to get a smaller dispenser than you planned to accommodate it. It’s important that you adhere to the space you have and not try to force a large dispenser where it doesn’t fit.

Water Capacity of the Unit

Even if you do end up getting a smaller dispenser, you can make up the difference in water capacity. For each dispenser, there’s a designated number of people that it can serve. This number indicates how much water the dispenser can hold when full. For a larger workforce, you’ll want to consider a dispenser with a high serving rate to ensure everyone has enough water.

Whether It Fits into Your Budget

Despite how important it is to have drinkable water in your workplace, you shouldn’t have to break your bank to do it. Fortunately, several options exist for you to choose from that work with a variety of financial situations. Be sure that you research the price of your dispenser along with its functions to ensure it’s the all-around perfect fit.

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