A break room is a crucial component of any productive office. Not only are mental breaks essential to maintaining focus throughout a busy workday, but they also allow us to bond with our coworkers. As such, every office needs a proper break room in order to take full advantage of these few moments of relaxation. Keep reading for some break room essentials and tips on how to incorporate them into your own work environment.

Healthy Food and Drink

If your employees are looking for an early snack to curb the hunger pangs before lunch, it’s often effective to have accessible food options in the break room. This both steers their attention away from unhealthy temptations and ensures their hunger is taken care of. Healthy beverage options should also be easily accessible. Though coffee is a staple in every office, it helps to have a bottleless water dispenser to give employees a healthier alternative to caffeine. 

Comfortable Seating

In order to relax, your employees need to be comfortable. Investing in comfortable office seating can make everybody happier. While high-quality office chairs might cost a bit more to start, they typically last longer. Plus, they leave your employees feeling significantly more satisfied with their office experience.

Games and Entertainment

Not every person wants to use their break to sit. Some employees would rather do something active in order to stimulate their mind. That’s why employees should consider placing board games, a foosball table, or even a television in the break room. As long as these items aren’t misused, they’re a great way to remove yourself from stress and get back to work feeling refreshed.

Lunch Tables

Be sure to provide employees with enough space to enjoy their lunches. Eating at one’s own desk can prevent an employee from properly removing themselves from their work. This makes the break less effective and allows stress to continue building. Supplying employees with lunch tables or a lunch room gets them away from their desks by giving them a place to eat and socialize.

We hope these break room essentials will create a healthier, happier environment for you and your employees. To find the best water cooler or water dispenser for your office needs, reach out to H2O Coolers. Our wide variety of water filtration devices is bound to have the product to fulfill all your employees’ expectations.