You shouldn’t have to do a workout to get a glass of water. Sadly, that’s what bottled water often requires. Whether it’s lifting 5-gallon jugs into a cooler, or playing a dangerous game of Jenga as you attempt to pull a bottle out of a four-case-high stack, bottled water is a heavy strain. And for a purchase that’s supposed to supply you with the cheapest, most basic product out there, it sure comes with a lot of overhead costs.

Hydrate From Home

At a time like this, staying home is more crucial than ever. Whether you use jugs for a cooler or cases of bottled water, relying on an outside source for your water supply is less than ideal. Not only will a trip to the supermarket likely leave you waiting in hour-long lines, but your health is put at risk as you’re exposed to other people. And even if you use delivery services, they are currently backed up and unreliable in many areas to a heightened demand and dwindling supply. If your tap isn’t safe enough to drink from, consider one of our bottle-free systems as an alternative to bottled water. Having a purification system connected to your tap means unlimited water in the comfort of your own home, lines and viruses be-gone.

An Unlimited Supply

Consider: you just came back from your morning run and you’re desperate for a glass of cool water (or you simply just woke up, we don’t judge). You head straight to your water cooler, press your glass against the lever, anticipate your first refreshing sip, aaaaaand: nothing. It suddenly dawns on you that the cooler is empty, and you curse your finite water supply as you head out to the garage to lug back a five-gallon jug. Sound familiar?

Relying on bottled water means eventually running out. However, when it comes to a resource as basic and fundamental as water, you should never have to worry about not having enough. Switching to a tap-sourced system means you’ll never have to make an aggravated water run ever again.

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No Sweat Off Your Back

Bottled water comes with a lot of heavy lifting. Whether it’s struggling to lift a jug up to the cooler or lugging case after case from the trunk to your house, simply restocking your water can end up taking a serious toll on your back. That’s a strain you shouldn’t have to bear, especially when you could be drinking from an easy, bottle-free cooler.

No Storage? No Problem

If you’re from New York City, you know how valuable space is. One of the biggest burdens when it comes to bottled water is where to store it. Cases become a hazard as you stack them ceiling-high, and jugs can quickly accumulate and cause clutter around your space. If your storage options are limited, consider investing in one, stand-alone machine – no rebottling necessary.

Free Up the Fridge

The average family of four drinks 16 water bottles per day. If you prefer your water chilled, that translates to 0.7 square feet of space in your refrigerator. If your household has more than four members, that space just keeps multiplying, resulting in a lot of time and effort wasted in shuffling things around as you attempt to reach the milk. Your water shouldn’t have to compete with your dinner for shelf space. Fill out the form below to gain access to cold, crisp water at the push of a button.