Many of us think we know all there is to know about dehydration. However, not only is it more common than most of us tend to think, but it’s also more dangerous than we generally want to admit. While most of the population suffers from dehydration at some point, possibly even multiple times, this condition doesn’t have any severe effects unless left to worsen. Still, it’s crucial that everyone knows how dehydration affects the human body to properly identify it, act, and prevent future health issues as a result.

Common Symptoms of Dehydration

Unfortunately, many individuals can find themselves becoming dehydrated without even initially realizing it. In fact, by the time you feel thirsty, you’re already well on your way to developing other dehydration symptoms. It’s for this reason that you should make a habit of regularly drinking water throughout the day and remember to adjust your fluid intake to fit with the temperature conditions. Since your body needs these fluids to flush out your system and keep it running efficiently, failing to keep your fluid intake up can trigger a variety of bodily responses.

In the average adult, some of the most common symptoms of dehydration include headaches, dizziness, nausea, dark-colored urine, and extreme fatigue. All these symptoms can begin having a greater effect on how an individual concentrates and processes information, making their brains less efficient as well as their body. So, if you’re feeling distracted at work, you should try drinking more water throughout the day rather than coffee. Additionally, if you’re an employer, you should encourage your staff to drink more water to keep them productive and healthy.

Possible Causes of Dehydration

Our bodies use water for several functions throughout our day, so it’s very easy for it to run out if we aren’t regularly supplying it with more. But simply not drinking enough water isn’t the only cause of dehydration. In fact, there are a variety of conditions that speed up the body’s consumption of water and make you need to drink more frequently than you normally would. Some examples of these instances include the following:

Frequent Vomiting or Diarrhea

Both of these actions drain the body of significant amounts of water in a very short period. This makes a person need more water than they initially think is necessary. Because many don’t realize how fast their fluids drain when they have these symptoms, they tend to not think much of drinking water until it’s too late.


Those suffering from high blood sugar levels often also deal with an increased frequency of urination. This leads to them to lose more fluids quicker than typically expected. If you don’t consume water to accommodate this loss, then they could find themselves dehydrated.

Excessive Sweating

Similar to excessive urination, active sweating also causes the body to lose more water quickly. Though it may not initially cross our minds, any activity that causes us to sweat reduces the amount of usable fluids in the body. Therefore, if you’re participating in any physical activity, or even have a high fever, it’s crucial that you drink water to best recover.

Sustaining Burn Injuries

Burning the surface of your skin can drain all the moisture out of that specific area. This means that the body will need more fluids to replenish those that have been lost. Drinking water when suffering from a burn can help it heal quicker while simultaneously keeping yourself from becoming dehydrated.

The Lasting Impact of Dehydration

Though dehydration has a plethora of preliminary symptoms to be aware of, it’s even more crucial that you know how dehydration affects the human body long-term. Since the initial discomfort of dehydration disappears once you consume fluids, many forget that it can happen again if they aren’t diligent. However, ignoring the signs that you’re suffering from dehydration, or allowing yourself to become dehydrated frequently, can lead to a series of additional problems down the road. Some of the ways your body could react over time with an insufficient supply of fluids include:

Kidney Disease

Our kidneys are primarily responsible for filtering impurities out of our bodily fluids and expelling them in the form of urine. Water is a key participant in this process as the kidneys use fluids to effectively wash away these impurities. Without the proper amount of fluids in the body, the kidneys remain stagnant, holding on to the harmful particles flowing through your system. If left alone, this can cause the kidneys to become infected and ultimately lead them to fail.

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Susceptibility to Heat

Exercising energetically increases the body’s core temperature, allowing it to burn fat to keep you in shape. But while your body is burning off those calories, it’s also releasing its supply of fluids at a much quicker pace in the form of sweat. As such, if you aren’t continuously drinking water as you work out, your body can’t sweat and is, therefore, more susceptible to ailments such as heat cramps and heatstroke.

A Decrease in Blood Volume

Water also assists our blood by thinning it enough to help it continuously pump through our bodies. This makes it easier for the heart to do its job and puts less overall strain on the corresponding muscles. When you go dehydrated for prolonged periods, however, your blood will begin to thicken and make it increasingly more difficult for the heart to pump. Over time, this can cause a significant drop in blood pressure and lower your oxygen levels. This is an extremely dangerous condition that you will need to treat immediately.

Dehydration is a more serious threat than many make it out to be. But that’s why at H2O Coolers, it’s our mission to cut back on how often people suffer from dehydration by ensuring they always have access to clean, drinkable water. Whether you’re looking to purchase a water cooler or would rather use water dispenser rentals, our diverse inventory of options is sure to have something to fit your needs. This way, we can supply you with a consistent amount of water to fuel your body and keep you healthy.

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