Traffic, Taxis, & Taxes 

The Fees You Don’t Realize You’re Paying

Many of you may be familiar with the wonder that comes along with living in New York City: the dizzying skyscrapers; the throngs of commuters; the city’s undeniable pulse at all hours of the night. But one facet of New York City is the most stupefying of them all: the traffic

Even reading the word makes you cringe, doesn’t it? You don’t have to be a local to visualize the stream of cars slowly crawling up Lexington Avenue. It is nearly impossible to drive around a corner without wasting a full 15 minutes of your time and coming close to at least one accident. Like a bad cold leaving no family member left unscathed, the congestion problem has spread to every borough in the city. Millions of NYC drivers are effectively paralyzed on their daily commutes, and the traffic doesn’t come without a cost. 

How Traffic Turns Into Taxes

The average American spends hundreds of dollars in bottled water purchases per year. If you’re a New Yorker, odds are you’re paying to have your water delivered to your office or residence, only surging the price of those costs. As water delivery requests skyrocket, traffic is intensified by the hundreds of delivery vehicles roaming throughout the city every day. Drivers are slapped with congestion rates and surge pricing, and every time you get into an Uber, you are left to pick up the cost. If you do drive to work, traffic in New York City cost you nearly $3,000 in 2017 in wasted time, fuel, and traffic-related fees, as reported by a recent Inrix report on global congestion rates.

Because of the city’s traffic problem and its non-existent parking spaces, driving within the city is largely unpreferred. Most New Yorkers turn to public transportation as their primary method of transportation (don’t even get me started on packed subways). But as we cram onto subway cars and curse the city’s swelling congestion, how much are we ignoring our own contributions to the problem? 

A key component of NYC living is delivery service. Almost every business operating in the city will deliver their products straight to your door, and now even water is no exclusion. Hundreds, if not thousands of the city’s offices and residences receive water deliveries every week, whether it be cases of Poland Spring or jugs to fill water coolers.

I get it, I get it: tap water is less than desired, and what are you going to do, shlep a case of water on the subway? But what many New Yorkers don’t realize is that they are paying – in more ways than one – for deliveries of something that could be accessed in the comfort of their very own homes.

Delivery Costs

As a wise colleague of mine put it, “Imagine if you had amazon delivering all of the individual packets of your internet network traffic instead of using your office internet connection.”

In other words, why pay for incremental deliveries of a limited supply of water when you can access an unlimited source right from your very own tap? This is the appeal of the tap-sourced water cooler. By connecting to your tap, this type of cooler runs your water through a multi-stage purification process that results in clean, delicious water. 

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The Benefits of Going Bottleless

Imagine all of the water delivery trucks suddenly gone from the streets, NYC’s congestion significantly reduced, and your yearly spending cut considerably. All of this is possible by investing in a tap-sourced water cooler for a monthly, base-line fee. Consider:

#1: An Unlimited Supply

By sourcing your water from your tap, you’ll never have to scramble to make a last minute water delivery order. Instead, you’ll always have access to clean, healthy, delicious water at the push of a button. Filter changes happen every so often and are taken care of by trained mechanics. This means no more than an hour-long disruption to your water supply every few months or so at no added cost

#2: No Heavy Lifting Necessary

As opposed to lifting heavy five-gallon jugs, our machines require nothing more than a pinky’s light touch. Installation is included with the subscription cost. All you have to do for your water is lift your glass to the spout and voila

#3: Cut back on Congestion Costs

As we’ve mentioned already, traffic doesn’t come without a cost. It may seem impossible to reduce the city’s congestion by simply investing in a water cooler, but change often starts with the smallest of actions. If each person reading this sentence took the initiative in their own individual lives to reduce their contributions to congestion, that would result in a pretty large chunk of deliveries gone from NYC streets. 

#4: Help the Environment

In a similar vein, cutting back in minor ways to our individual plastic consumption can collectively result in a large-scale impact. Instead of buying packaged bottles of water (which don’t get recycled as often as you think they do), why not choose a sustainable way to access what nature naturally gives us?

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