The Life Changing Capabilities of Purified Water 

Shake Up Your Routine

When was the last time you thought twice about your water? Chances are you refill your glass, drink, refill again, drink, and on and on the cycle goes. Sure, maybe you spice things up once in a while with sparkling water. Heck, you may even go crazy one day and decide to crush your ice instead of cubing it. But besides for these few meager additions, the transformational potential of your water may seem largely…frozen. 

Not anymore.

What are we talking about, exactly? What more could you possibly be getting out of your water than your daily minimum hydration requirement? Well, we’re talking about access to the best tasting cup of coffee you ever had, every morning. Fresh, mineral-packed teas in under five minutes. Perfectly-leavened baked goods. All of this and more is possible with properly purified water, and we’re here to show you how. 

The Tech Behind the Magic

Before we get into the magical ways your water could be benefiting you, it’s necessary to explain the technology behind its power. You’re probably familiar with water filtration, and you may even have a filtration system of some sort already in place. However, water purification is complex, and creating the best water entails much more than just clearing it of any contaminants. Most water purification systems – including our waterREBORN technology – use various methods of carbon filtration and reverse osmosis to purify water. However, simply stripping water of all substances, including suspended solids and dissolved ions, results in a flat, dull-tasting form of water called soft water. While soft water is sure to be clear of any pollutants, it also lacks many of water’s natural beneficial minerals, including bone-strengthening compounds like calcium and magnesium. So, how do we purify water while preserving its fresh taste and healthy properties? Through our very own Restore + Enrich technology. 

Following an extensive purification process, our waterREBORN systems enrich your water with many of the natural, healthy minerals it previously lost and restores its pH to optimal levels. Additionally, it alters the molecular structure of water molecules in order to improve their ability to transport nutrients and toxins in and out of your body, and fortifies your water with antiviral and antibacterial agents such as silver and zeolite. This enhancive process expands your water’s usage by creating the right chemical conditions for a host of various processes. Here are some of our favorite ways to utilize enriched water: 

#1: Be Your Own Barista 

There’s nothing like the dreadful stretch of morning between hearing your alarm and tasting that first sip of caffeinated bliss. As demonstrated in previous articles, we take our coffee very seriously. You may think you’ve found the perfect morning brew, or you may have resigned yourself to a cup of stale office coffee simply because you can’t live without the caffeine. But with the proper source of water, your morning cup-o-joe can be seriously invigorating.

As all coffee connoisseurs know, creating the perfect brew is a science. Water that is too soft (containing little to no minerals) will result in flat-tasting coffee, while water that is too hard  (packed with many minerals) can compromise the coffee’s taste and cause scaling and abrasion to appliances. Thus, the best water for coffee brewing is somewhere in between. While tap water tends to be on the harder side, its mineral levels are often unpredictable. It is also treated with chlorine, which, aside from being detrimental to your health, is a major no-no for tasty coffee. After removing the chlorine from your water, our waterREBORN systems infuse it with just the right amount of calcium and magnesium, which help extract the flavor in coffee grounds to give your brew a more potent taste. 

Your Water’s pH Level

Another consideration in creating the perfect cup of coffee is the pH level of your water. Water that is too acidic or alkaline can damage the potency and taste of the coffee. The Special Coffee Association (yes, that’s a real organization) recommends using water that has a pH level between 6.5 and 7.5, or neutral to slightly alkaline. waterREBORN technology sends water through a pH rebalance phase where its pH levels are optimized following purification. This ensures the stability of your water’s pH level and the great taste of your coffee. 

Now that you know the facts, you never have to settle for a subpar cup of coffee ever again. All of our membership plans either include our REBORN Coffee feature, or offer it as an inexpensive add-on. This is a commercial grade Keurig appliance connected and supplied with meta-water by the waterREBORN system included with your membership. Try it today at no cost with our 7 day free trial

#2: Become an Herbal Tea Master 

If coffee’s not your cup of tea, you may still be looking for a fresh and invigorating beverage to brighten up your morning. waterREBORN purified water is perfect for making tea and infused water. Similar to coffee, the best water to use when making tea has a stabilized, relatively neutral pH and has just the right amount of minerals. Water that’s too hard can make your tea taste bitter, while soft water produces a dull, flat taste. waterREBORN systems infuse your water with just the right amount of minerals to enhance your tea’s taste while preventing bitterness and limescale. 

It is said that some tea masters warm soft water with rocks in the kettle in order to infuse it with certain natural minerals. Luckily for you, our technology’s got that covered, so no need to go foraging for pebbles in your local forest (or, if you’re a city dweller, in that one dying patch of grass on the sidewalk). The Enrich phase packs over 20 minerals, antioxidants, and electrolytes into your water to give it a healthy boost, so all you need to do is add your favorite fruits or herbs and voila

#3: Elevate Your Baking Skills (Literally)

Have you been trying to get that bread recipe right for years, but no matter what you do it just doesn’t come out right? This is likely due to the quality of your water. Two factors come into play when baking: chlorine levels and water hardness. 

Overly chlorinated water kills the yeast necessary for bread to rise, and excessively hard water inhibits the bread from rising properly due to its increased alkalinity. Using waterREBORN filtered water guarantees that no chlorine is left in your water, and the pH restoring process ensures that alkalinity levels don’t get high enough to compromise the quality of your bread. 

    #4: Additional Creative Uses

    Ever need to to loosen a jar lid? Hot water. Remove a container label? Hot water. Softening butter or margarine? You guessed it. You can use ambient water to make safe, healthy baby formula, or chilled water to make a cold compress after an injury. In short, the possibilities for purified water are endless, and there are some uses you’ve probably never even considered:

    Hot Water has a host of additional benefits to the ones mentioned above:

    • Make a heat compress after a long, muscle-straining day
    • Easily skin produce like peaches & tomatoes by soaking them in hot water followed by a quick dip in cold water
    • Warm syrup for pancakes and waffles 

    Cold Water can do more than just quench your thirst. Consider: 

    • Making homemade natural fruit popsicles
    • Using it in energy drinks and weight-loss shakes
    • Having water fights with it on a particularly hot day 

    Ambient Water is what we like to call our Goldilocks formula: Not too cold, not too hot, but juuuuust right. Practical uses include:


    • Making porridge 
    • Filling your pet’s water bowl
    • Watering flowers and herbs 

    By now, we hope you’ve seen what your water can do for you. Discover it for yourself through our 7 day free trial.

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