A cramped office space can be one of the main problems a small or startup business faces early on. Their goal is to acquire more employees, clients, and resources, but they often lack the means to do so. As such, it’s crucial that every small business finds ways to maximize their office space to make the most of what they have. Try experimenting with these tips for designing your small office space, and expand the reach of your limited resources.

Go Paperless

As important as it is to keep all your files organized and available, these stacks of paper can begin to take up much of your much-needed office space. Fortunately, this is where modern technology can come to your rescue. With an increasing number of options to virtually scan, send, and store these documents, the only space that will be taken up will be on your computer’s hard drive.

Utilize Compact Appliances

When you’re designing your small office space, it’s essential that you find appliances that serve their purposes while remaining compact in size. This is especially important in narrow areas that see a lot of traffic, such as the kitchen or break room. For example, H2O Coolers provides quality, space-efficient water coolers as well as bottleless water cooler service in New York City. The more accommodating an appliance is to the size of the space, the more use and cost-efficiency you’ll get out of the purchase.

Create Multipurpose Common Areas

If you have a small amount of space to work with in your office, consider combining the functions of certain rooms to meet your needs. For instance, you might use your conference rooms as optional working chambers for people who need to get away from their desks. You could also combine the break and eating areas to cut down on the amount of furniture taking up room.

Eliminate Clutter

Office clutter makes the space not only smaller, but also unpleasant to be in. This is why removing any unnecessary clutter is of the key steps to maximizing the amount of space you have. You can do this by providing your employees with ample ways to get rid of trash and encouraging them to do so. You could also adopt a semi-regular decluttering project where you encourage them to clean their workstations.