Water plays a crucial role in helping us maintain our health and daily functions, but many of us find it boring to drink. In a world with strong, sugary beverages and various tastes to appease our taste buds, water doesn’t always satisfy the palette. However, you don’t have to suffer to meet your daily water intake. Experiment with some of these simple ways to make water taste better.

Infuse it with Fruit

Since fruits are mostly made up of water, many have flavors that complement and enhance the taste of water. Citrus fruits have strong acidic tangs, so they’re particularly common water infusers, as they tend to overpower the mineral flavors in water. Lemons, limes, and oranges aren’t your only options; if you want to venture out a bit, you can also experiment with flavored leaves like mint.

Add Juice

If you want to try something more concentrated than raw fruit, you can experiment by adding a little juice to your water. These mixtures often contain more sugar, and as a result, provide a stronger taste when introduced to water. However, make sure you keep the juice ratio low so that you can still get water’s full effects.

Drink Tea

Tea is another common water enhancer. Its strong herbal flavor works well to create an overpowering flavor, while the medicinal and soothing properties can serve to counteract stress. It’s for this reason that many individuals drink tea while they work, as it can help their focus and keep them hydrated at the same time.

Use Sparking Water

Sometimes, all it takes to freshen up a glass of water is some carbonation. For many, sparkling water dilutes the mineral taste and can make for a more satisfying drink. However, if this isn’t enough for you, you can also use fruit or juice to give it a soda-like taste.

Mix it Up

Once you add flavor to your water, it’s important you continue to experiment and find new tastes. Even if you find one or two infusers you enjoy, drinking them too often can cause you to lose interest over time. To keep yourself invested, mix complementary flavors and try out new combinations.

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