When one school year ends, it doesn’t mean that teachers and faculty can take a break. In fact, from the time the last class lets out in the summer to the first day of school in the fall, school employees preparing for the year to come. From purchasing classroom supplies to organizing class rosters and lesson plans, there’s a lot to get done in such a short amount of time. While you might be busy with all these other tasks, it’s crucial that you find at least a little bit of time to optimize access to water. Just like we need food to keep us energized and healthy, water is crucial to keeping everyone in the school system feeling well and engaged in the classroom. It’s a basic human need that maintains everyone’s health while promoting a more productive work environment. These are a few of the reasons why you should use a water dispenser in your school and how it makes a difference in student performance.

Benefits for Students

When it comes to optimizing the school environment, it’s a given that many of the reasons for doing so relate back to the students. For eight hours a day—not including extracurricular activities—schools are trusted to care for each child and ensure that their basic needs are being met. Water is one of these factors that can go a long way in creating a comfortable and healthy environment for each child to learn and have fun in. Other benefits students gain by having water dispensers installed in their school include the following:

Guaranteed Access to Cool, Clean Water

Half the battle of supplying water to a school is the ability to make it easily accessible to everyone. With several different areas to cover, proper placement is key to ensuring that everyone has an equal chance of obtaining water during the day at any time. Because water dispensers are easy to install in various locations, they can be placed to best suit the students’ needs. This way, with a reliable water dispenser nearby at all times, students are more likely to go refill their water bottles rather than wait until their next class.

Accommodates the Entire Student Population

Another struggle that schools often face when providing their students with water is supplying it in a way that allows everyone to get their fill in a timely manner. There’s only so much time during passing period for students to grab their books, get a drink, and make it to class before the bell. So, if the nearest water fountain happens to have a mile-long line, students feel as though they need to go without. Fortunately, since water dispensers are incredibly affordable, they can be installed as needed to make the high-traffic areas more accommodating.

Prevents Dehydration and Improves Health

Dehydration affects our students just as much as it does us during the day. In fact, students actually have a greater chance of becoming dehydrated as they typically only drink when they feel thirsty rather than periodically over a longer period. Dehydration slows our body’s ability to perform the foundational functions that keep us healthy and feeling good. As such, when students aren’t drinking enough, it’s significantly easier for them to get sick and miss essential days of education. Therefore, providing them with access to more water allows them to keep themselves hydrated and in better health for longer.

Increases Student Focus and Performance

Additionally, when students are healthy, they also show better focus and overall performance when asked to complete tasks in class. This is because their brains are functioning to their fullest potential rather than being inhibited by dehydration. Over time, these students begin to show more alertness, better comprehensive abilities, and more engagement. So, encouraging students to drink more water, and providing them with the means to do so, can even help them get more out of their education.

Benefits for the School

Those aren’t all the reasons why you should use a water dispenser in your school. These efficient and high-quality devices also provide benefits to the faculty, staff, and even the school administration. Some of the effects you can expect to see from using water dispensers in your school include:

Faculty and Staff Can Use Them

Though the students will be using the dispensers most of the time, it’s just as important for teachers and school staff to keep hydrated during a busy school day. Otherwise, they also risk not being able to perform to their fullest potential. Fortunately, in installing water dispensers in various areas throughout the school, they can have access to as much water as they need.

Overall Cost-Effectiveness

Another important benefit for your school is the general budget savings. While it might seem as though these pieces of equipment would be incredibly expensive to acquire, install, and maintain, they’re actually the opposite. Believe it or not, the price of purchasing water dispensers for your school is significantly more affordable than it would be to supply the students with bottled water. This already makes water dispensers a much better deal than other methods. Additionally, many water cooler supply companies even offer sales or discounts for bulk orders and may even throw in a free service plan to keep you as a loyal customer. This way, you won’t even need to worry about keeping up with the equipment’s maintenance.

Reduced Impact on the Environment

Finally, purchasing bottleless water dispensers also reduces the impact your school has on the environment. With many current issues revolving around the state of our planet, this is the perfect opportunity to lead by example and teach students what it means to recycle. By reducing the number of plastic bottles used in your school, it’s easy to show just how much of an impact one lifestyle change can make for the greater good of the planet.

From private homes to public schools and office complexes, we at H2O Coolers devote ourselves to providing quality water dispensers wherever individuals need them the most. Having access to clean and healthy drinking water is a foundational human need, and we want to ensure that everyone has enough to stay healthy and active in their lives. We also offer water cooler service in the New York City area to provide you with the reassurance that, even should your device break down, you’ll never be without water.

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