Client Details

Company: Isaac Mizrahi
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: Amanda Sinclair
Title: Operations Manager




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Prior Solution

Prior Solution: Bottled Water Service
Challenges: Several locations required running water lines over 800 feet.
Reason for Changing: Convenience of not dealing with changing jugs.

Jugs / Month

GAL / Month

Our Solution

Service Plan: Level 6
Optimization System: ULTRA+3
Dispenser(s): Meridian CT, Pilot
Account Managed by: Henry Frewa
Why H2O: The quality and modern design of our dispensers, and our 5 star Google rating and reviews.

Our Perspective:

"When I first spoke to Amanda, she was super busy, and barely had time to explain all of the issues they were having with their bottled dispensers and delivery delays. I knew our service would save her a significant amount of time in the long run, so I kept up with her over a period of several weeks, until we were finally able to customize a solution that met her needs!"

Their Perspective:

"We love H2O Coolers! We used to always run out of water, we love that we never do now! Service is always prompt and reliable."