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Our Technologies

There’s a reason that people yawn when they hear the words water and technology in the same sentence. The last exciting water innovation anyone has heard about was the kitchen sink. Below are a few of the ways we’re trying to change that.

Water Purification & Optimization

What do you call water purification systems when they evolve from just removing bad stuff, to elevating it in a massive way? Unfortunately, we still haven’t found a word that does justice to what our waterREBORN tech accomplishes. It transforms and enhances your water, even down to the molecular level.

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IceBank Technology

The most powerful & efficient thermal cooling technology on the market is finally here. Enjoy the power of an iceberg chilling every ounce of your your pure water.

Standard with the Meridian

Sparkling REBORN

Not all sparkling water is created equal. We start with our waterREBORN system, and chill it with IceBank technology. Then we use a rotary pump to power a commercial grade inox carbonator, drawing CO₂ from flavor-stain resistant tanks.

Standard with Level 6